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The role and position of universities in society is changing on a contious basis. Universities, business and regional, national and international stakeholders have to anticipate on these changes in order to get ahead of the change and not to stay behind. Based on years of experience in researching and practicing university-industry interaction UIIN provides advisory services, bespoke training and is involved in various national and EU research and implementation projects. We support universities in changing their institution to a more entrepreneurial and engaged organisation, provide training on developing more strategic university-industry partnerships and develop and implement regional innovation clusters.

National and EU projects
UIIN provides research, implementation and dissemination activities in national and EU projects. It is involved in initiatives around entrepreneurship education, innovation alliances, university-business cooperation and smart city development. Besides reserach on these topics it also leads or supports the implementation and provides various services to disseminate knowledge in the field.

Advisory Services
We help universities and industry to optimize their institutions towards university-industry collaboration, collaborative-innovation and developing more entrepreneurial and engaged entities. We assist universities worldwide towards becoming more entrepreneurial and engaged, to enhance their research impact and built capacity amongst their staff. At the same time UIIN conducts projects for regional and national government on university-business cooperation and provides strong solutions towards improvement.
Bespoke Training
UIIN provides tailored training events for universities, industry and regional and national policy makers. Our facilitators help you to change your institution, train your staff, or analyze your region and provide practical examples towards change.

Entrepreneurial Universities
Smart Cities
Entrepreneurship Education
Regional Innovation Ecosystems
Innovation Districts
University-Business Cooperation
Dr. Jochen Barth

Expert on university leadership and change management

A/Prof. Dr. Todd Davey

Expert on entrepreneurial & engaged universities

Dr. Victoria Galan Muros

Expert on national and international university-business cooperation policies

Arno Meerman

Expert on entrepreneurial & engaged universities, university-industry partnerships

Dr. Sanae Okamoto

Expert on behavioural change, nudge approach

Balzhan Orazbayeva

Expert on university-business cooperation

Prof. Dr. Carolin Plewa

Expert on academic motivations, university-business cooperation

UIIN has completed many projects for the European Commission and public and private clients on a braod range of topics. Founded on research, entrepreneurship and education UIIN has a strong track record on delivering projects for a variety of staekholders. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further references or example projects.

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