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The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) supports a number of events, globally, to which UIIN members can receive exclusive discounts and special offers. If you are hosting an event in the area of university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities, collaborative innovation or technology transfer, please contact us at:

Upcoming events

Professional Higher Education 4.0: A Change for Universities of Applied Sciences

March 30 March 31, 2017 | Le Havre, France

EURASHE will organise its 27th Annual Conference titled ‘Professional Higher Education 4.0: A Change for Universities of Applied Sciences‘ in Le Havre (France) on 30-31 March 2017. It is organised by EURASHE and the IUT of Le Havre with the Assemblée des Directeurs d’Institut Universitaire de Technologie (ADIUT).

The conference is designed to be a place of sharing, exchange and stock-taking. By attracting different target groups it will bring together the European treasure and body of experience in higher education: institutional leadership and management, head of programmes, teaching staff, researchers, quality assurance managers and agencies, business, public agents and more. Practitioners, the world of work, and policy-makers will be brought together to better understand their respective views, approaches and experiences. The multi-level discussions, mix of plenary and breakout sessions, but also the strong interdisciplinarity of the conference and its networking sessions aim at inspiring participants and higher education institutions alike in meeting the challenges of tomorrow head-on.

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Industry 4.0 Summit

April 04 April 05, 2017 | Manchester, UK

This is the UK’s first dedicated conference & exhibition on industry 4.0. The Industry 4.0 Summit is a high-level conference that will give a comprehensive an understanding of government policy, business models, insights on IIOT, technology solutions and case studies of industry 4.0 in practice. Senior speakers from Airbus, Unilever, Cisco, Dassault Systemes, Schneider Electric & Bosch.

Supported by organisations such as the Industrial Internet Consortium & Innovate UK, the government’s innovation agency, the summit runs alongside the Factories of the Future Expo. The Expo is free to attend and visitors can see the latest 4.0 technology solutions, see demonstrations in an Open Technology Forum, experience a hackathon and network with others who are keen to learn about the 4th industrial revolution.

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5th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2017

April 26 April 27, 2017 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Innovation and entrepreneurship have become central to economic growth, not least due to the rapid advancement of technology and the growing importance of the knowledge economy. The current global economy now calls for innovative ideas and dynamism, rather than organizational discipline, as well as adjustability and greater speed in taking decisions, which is what entrepreneurship is all about.

In Malaysia, entrepreneurship is very much alive and thriving. The development of entrepreneurship, as both a concept and an activity, is growing. The Malaysian government has been and continues to be supportive of entrepreneurship by actively nurturing it as a way to facilitate and upgrade the industrial structure to create sustainable industries for the next generation. Thus, it is timely to bring the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE) to Malaysia.

The 5th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ICIE 2017) will be held on 26 - 27 April 2017, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference will be hosted by the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) and the Centre of Excellence for Business Performance (CeBP) at the Cyberjaya Campus, which is located in Cyberjaya - the heart of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Multimedia University is the first private university in Malaysia and since its inception in 1996 the university has grown from strength to strength.

The ICIE was established 4 years ago. The conference been attended by participants from more than 30 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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XXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference: Composing the Innovation Symphony

June 18 June 21, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

Organised by ISPIM, in partnership with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich – WKO) and Ratio Strategy & Innovation Consulting, this event is for innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers.

- hear from leading innovation thought leaders,
- choose from 250+ presentations and workshops on the latest thinking in innovation management,
- present your innovation research or tell your innovation story,
- vote for your favourite industry project in the ISPIM Grand Prize Final,
- visit Austrian innovation clusters and discuss their challenges,
- network with 500 innovation professionals from 50 countries.

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12th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

September 21 September 22, 2017 | Paris, France

The European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been running now for 12 years. This event has been held in European countries, among them Italy, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, and Finland.

The conference is generally attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts an interesting combination of academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching and research.

The 12th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be hosted on 20-21 September 2017, in Paris, France, by Novancia Business School Paris, France and the Conference Chair will be Dr. Christophe Loué.

This conference hosts the 3rd Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teaching Excellence Awards.

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Past events

ISPIM Innovation Forum Toronto: Fostering Innovation Ecosystems

March 19 to March 22, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

The fourth largest city in North America and Canada’s economic powerhouse, Toronto is one of the most competitive and liveable cities in the world. Cosmopolitan and globally connected, a dynamic hub for culture, creativity and innovation, Toronto repeatedly and consistently ranks at the top of international indexes. According to The Innovation Cities™ Index, a list of the world's most innovative cities, Toronto was ranked the 11th in 2015.

This 2017 ISPIM Innovation Forum will engage academics, practitioners and policy makers in discussions about the innovation landscape and includes themes that highlight how the innovation landscape can and is changing.

2017 EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference

March 08 to March 10, 2017 | Sheffield, United Kingdom

EFMD acts as a catalyst to enhance excellence in management education and development globally. In 2017 the EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference will discuss the topic of
entrepreneurship inside organisations. The conference participants will include professionals involved in entrepreneurship education related to management education.

The conference programme is already available at the conference website. This event will be held on 8-10 March, 2017, in Sheffield, the United Kingdom.

ISBE 2016: The 39th conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

October 27 to October 28, 2016 | Paris, France

The role of entrepreneurship and small business has never been more important. The ISBE Conference provides a platform for those in the field to share new entrepreneurial perspectives, form important relationships, create impact and inform change.
Over 39 years, the ISBE Conference has become known as the place to go for the highest quality new entrepreneurial and small business research.
The event connects policy makers with business support practitioners and academics, nurturing productive dialogue and engagement between these groups, allowing the research to inform policy and practice to create genuine change.
This year, we are delighted to be bringing ISBE to Paris and look forward to another stimulating and vibrant event.
The conference provides the opportunity for everyone from young up-and-coming researchers and entrepreneurs to established academics and policymakers to get valuable feedback on their work.
Taking place over two days with over 400 attendees from more than 40 countries, there are over 250 presentations on a diverse range of topics, including (1) Business creation, (2) Business support (3) Creative Industries, (4) Enterprise Education, (5) Gender and Enterprise, (6) Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups, (7) Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise.
The conference also hosts high-profile keynote speakers, stimulating debates and a number of specialist workshops.

XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference

June 19 to June 22, 2016 | Porto, Portugal

The XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference – Blending Tomorrow’s Innovation Vintage – will be held in Porto, Portugal on 19-22

June 2016. Organised by ISPIM, in partnership with ANI - Agência Nacional de Inovação (the National Innovation Office of Portugal), this conference is aimed at innovation researchers, industry executives, thought leaders and policy makers.

The event will bring together around 500 innovation experts from 50 countries, the packed 3.5 day programme.

2016 PraxisUnico Conference

June 15 to June 17, 2016 | Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom

The PraxisUnico Conference takes place from June 15-17 in Stratford Upon Avon, UK, and is for anyone working with or in the knowledge exchange and commercialisation sector. The conference is open to both members and non-members (members and Registered Technology Transfer Professionals receive discounted rates – early bird member rate applies until Mar 31).

HEEG Annual Conference 2016: The Entrepreneurial University – where are we now?

June 14 to June 15, 2016 | Kingston, UK

Join us for our Annual Conference 2016 and catch up on progress. The HEEG Annual Conference allows us all to pause, report, and reflect together on what we have achieved this year. How is the task of embedding entrepreneurship across our universities progressing? What impact are we having on our students, the SMEs that we help to start and support, and on wider society?

Embedding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship across disciplines is challenging! This conference, with 30 speakers from 15 universities, is your opportunity to find out how others are doing it. The conference is an opportunity to explore practice and share your own.


May 25 to May 27, 2016 | Porto, Portugal

Programmes related to the start-up phase have been very successful so far, but fledgling firms could not truly enter the “warp zone” of growth based only on the help of an accelerator or incubator by having access to funding and advice. After achieving a successful development of a business plan – and then revising it, and revising it again, startups aiming at moving towards a path of sustainable growth and “scale” into a real and sustainable business, will need a completely new supporting platform.

Bio Europe Spring 2016

April 04 to April 06, 2016 | Stockholm, Sweden

Commercialization opportunities for Academic Innovators:
EBDGroup invites individuals who are actively conducting preclinical research within a noncommercial setting to
participate in our partnering events to accelerate commercial development of their life science discovery.
EBD Group is the leading partnering firm for the global life science industry. We are working with industry
leaders to shine a spotlight on extraordinary scientific advances with strong translational potential. We
invite you to apply to present as an Academic Innovator at one of our international partnering events.

5th International COSINUS Conference Bristol, UK: Innovation Systems and the New Role of Universities

March 31 to April 01, 2016 | Bristol, UK

Theme: Exploring the importance and the impact of University-Industry Interaction on social and economic development.

This conference will cover a wide range of topics around the issue of university-industry interactions with a greater focus placed on the new role of universities and its impact on the social and economic development both at the national and regional levels.

2016 ISPIM Innovation Forum

March 13 to March 16, 2016 | Boston, United States

The 2016 ISPIM Innovation Forum – Charting the Future of Innovation Management – and INNOVA-CON 3 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 13-16 March 2016. For one attractive price, you get access to a comprehensive conference and networking event. Included in the price are:

  • A three-day, multi-track conference full of thought provoking innovation management content

  • Daily excursions to Boston-area Innovation Clusters

  • Outstanding networking opportunities with 250 delegates from over 30 countries


2016 EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference

February 24 to February 26, 2016 | Brussels, Belgium

The 2016 EFMD Entrepreneurship Education Conference that will take place at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Brussels, Belgium on 24 – 26 February 2016. Join this event and do not miss the opportunity to:

• Discuss your experience with colleagues from institutions such as: Lancaster University Management School, The American University of Beirut, University of Florida, Copenhagen Business School, The American University of Cairo and many others that have already registered

• Share your best practice and explore
o The basics of entrepreneurship education
o Different frameworks for entrepreneurship education
o What is being done to develop entrepreneurship education
o And more…


Striving for Excellence in Higher Education: Bringing Education and the World of Work Together

November 18 to November 19, 2015 | Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street, London, SW1P 4JU, United Kingdom

Join us in London for the PHExcel conference ‘Striving for Excellence in Higher Education: Bringing Education and the World of Work Together’ at the Chelsea College of Arts, on 18-19 November 2015. We will present the outcomes of 2 years of: researching quality tools in Europe, developing a framework for excellence, testing this framework in pilot assessments, and validating it with consultations and surveys.

Release of HEInnovate

November 18, 2015 | Brussels, Belgium

On the 18th of November 2015, HEInnovate, the self-assesment tool for entrepreneurial and innovative higher education institutions, is being relaunched. A new user interface, improved functionality and resources will ensure that this unique tool continues to meet the needs of the HEI community. To mark the occasion, an event is being held in Brussels that will include a presentation from the OECD on the HEInnovate country reviews, testimonials from user HEIs, a keynote from Professor Alan Gibb and a panel debate on the future and challenges facing the entrepreneurial HEI.

Research2Business2Research (R2B2R) Mission in Tunis

October 25 to October 30, 2015 | Tunis, Tunisia

The FP4BATIW project offers 6 travel bursaries from EU to MPC to promote the EU & MPC individuals’ mobility as well as encourage contacts between institutions to joint participation in the H2020 programme.
The mobility schemes are addressed to entrepreneurs, experienced engineers and researchers from european companies working on the water treatment sector, having a good scientific level and English or French language skills to successfully push the knowledge transfer and explore options for future research collaboration, enabling exchange of techniques, knowledge and materials.

Entrepreneurship Educators

July 20 to July 24, 2015 | Lisbon, Portugal

Come to Lisbon to participate in a training week for professors and other higher education professionals. Learn from the leading experts in entrepreneurship education. Coneeect will take place from July 20 - 24, in the Portuguese capital - which was named the European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year in 2015.

2014 Science-to-Business Marketing Conference

June 02 to June 04, 2014 | Winterthur/Zurich, Switzerland

The 2014 Science-to-Business Marketing Conference will be a European meeting and discussion forum for practitioners and researchers on cross-organizational value creation, where theory and practice are equally emphasised in the program.

From Ideas to IPO

May 19 to May 20, 2014 | London, UK

A new cross-discipline partnering event – a platform for promoting university-industry-investor collaboration, technology transfer and start-ups

University | Research | Industry | Investment | Policy | Media

ASTP-PROTON Annual Conference

May 14, 2014 | Oslo, Norway

This year’s ASTP-Proton Annual Conference will explore ways of creating the biggest possible impact with available resources — be it intellectual, financial or human. We have sourced expert speakers within a variety of subject matters, some are known in the ASTP-Proton circuit, others are new, exciting acquaintances.
As a conference participant, you will get tips as to how to attract funds for your technology transfer activities and how to work with institutional venture funds. You will get an insight into the UK impact agenda and what it means for TTOs and their universities. We will bring you up to speed with Horizon2020 and the new funding available for technology transfer activities. Moreover, we will introduce you to socially-responsible licensing. These are just snapshots of a full and dynamic conference programme.

Bio-Europe 2013

November 04 to November 06, 2013 | Vienna, Austria

The 19th annual BIO-Europe® is Europe's largest partnering conference, serving the global biotechnology industry. Delegates from all parts of the biotechnology value chain come to BIO-Europe to quickly identify, engage and enter into strategic relationships that drive their businesses successfully forward. Investment and collaboration opportunities developed in prior BIO-Europe conferences have produced many highly successful business partnerships. This year´s BIO-Europe partnering event will again draw upwards of 3,000 industry attendees from over 40 countries, representing close to 1,800 companies for three days of high level networking.

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