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Create a NATIONAL VOICE for university-industry engagement

Share insights, best practices, and encourage a national voice for university-industry engagement in your local ecosystem.

What is a UIIN National Chapter?

When it comes to university-industry engagement, national context is really important. In response to UIIN community demand, we are launching National Chapters across the world to strengthen collaboration within the community and to address your local challenges and opportunities. The National Chapter Program aims to create local thriving communities to connect with like-minded people, share best practices, challenges and knowledge in university-industry engagement.

What are the benefits of a Chapter?

Build a national community of professionals passionate about university-industry-society engagement and collaboratively address topics of interest

Collaboratively tackle challenges and opportunities in your local ecosystem

Visibility and awareness of your region and activities across UIIN platforms

Host local events that address topics relevant to your region

Networking sessions to connect with domestic stakeholders

Interacting and hearing from experts in practice

Co-creating strategy and planning with others

Interested in kick-starting a national conversation on university-industry engagement?

Are you passionate and committed to developing university-industry engagement in your ecosystem? Launch a local conversation by creating a national Chapter and be a part of the growing UIIN communities!

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