Bridging the Research and Innovation Gap: Navigating the “Valley of Death”

05 December, 5:00am - 5:30am UTC | Fireside Chat
Research Valorisation and Technology Transfer

Be inspired by a technology leader, Herve Harvard, the Founding Director of UTS Rapido, a groundbreaking R&D technology development unit, which is making impact by translating cutting-edge research into innovative and marketable technologies.

Herve Harvard will share insights and stories of innovation-driven transformation. With two decades of experience in both multinational corporations and academia, he is uniquely positioned to guide us through this journey.

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Bridging the Research and Innovation Gap: Navigating the "Valley of Death"




In this Fireside Chat, hear from Herve Harvard, the Founding Director of UTS Rapido, about bridging the gap between research and commercialisation.

UTS Rapido is an research and development engineering and technology consultancy with the mission to deliver innovative solutions that drive both industry and social impact. They bridge the gap between academia and industry by taking ideas and concepts from industry from initial research stage to market-ready solutions.

In the fast-paced landscape of research and innovation, the challenge of bridging the “valley of death” – that critical gap between research and commercialisation – is a formidable one. Herve will shed light on this challenge and provide actionable insights on how UTS Rapido has been instrumental in overcoming this obstacle.

Furthermore, he will discuss strategies and methodologies employed by UTS Rapido to transform groundbreaking research into market-ready technologies. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the innovation ecosystem and how to navigate it successfully.

What you will learn

You will learn how to translate research into innovative and marketable technologies, bridge the “valley of death” and hear case studies of innovation-driven transformation.

Speaker biography

Herve harvardHerve Harvard, Founding Executive Director UTS Rapido at University of Technology Sydney

Founding Director of UTS Rapido, an advanced R&D technology development unit which focuses on translating world-leading research into innovative technologies. Led Rapido to become a unique flag-ship model for delivering business value from cutting edge technology. Established a high performing R&D engineering team (25+ staff – SW & Mechatronic). At UTS he also led the creation of UTS ProtoSpace, a multi-million-dollar Additive Manufacturing lab launched in March 2019 and is now chair of the advisory committee.

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