How to Drive Cultural Change towards the Innovative University

25 April, 1:00pm - 2:30pm UTC | Masterclass
Entrepreneurship at Universities Future of Education and Lifelong Learning

Discover the how to catalyse cultural transformation at our seminar! Join us as we share research findings, captivating case studies, and introduce an innovative toolkit engineered to ignite cultural change in higher education institutions. Be at the forefront of innovation and exploration with our newly developed toolkit, specifically designed to drive external engagement and foster entrepreneurship within your institution.

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How to Drive Cultural Change towards the Innovative University


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Are you ready to propel your institution towards a culture of innovation and external collaboration? Dive into a dynamic seminar and workshop designed to revolutionise higher education institutions!

Agenda Highlights:

  • Introduction and toolkit presentation: Discover the power of our versatile toolkit.
  • Current challenges discussion: Engage in insightful discussions about the hurdles hindering change.
  • Toolkit application exercise: Roll up your sleeves and apply toolkit solutions to real-world scenarios.
  • Tool adoption and implementation: Explore the practicalities of toolkit integration in a group discussion.
  • Action planning: Identify actionable steps for transformative change.
  • Conclusion and next steps: Wrap up with key insights and future plans.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain access to cutting-edge research and tools.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and experts in the field.
  • Equip yourself with practical strategies to drive cultural change in your institution.
  • Shape the future of HEIs by contributing to meaningful dialogue and action plans.

Speaker biography

Rimante Rusaite headshot
Rimante Rusaite

Senior Project Officer at UIIN