Catalysing Change: Universities as Drivers of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

16 April, 1:00pm - 1:30pm UTC | Fireside Chat
Innovation Ecosystems Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities

Join us for an insightful fireside chat delving into Madrid’s thriving innovation ecosystem and the pivotal role played by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) in fostering entrepreneurship. Discover how UC3M acts as a catalyst for innovation, accelerating startups and driving regional growth.

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Catalysing Change: Universities as Drivers of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


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Showcasing their commitment to driving innovation as UIIN’s 2024 Conference hosts in Madrid, this FSC will tease some of the topics featured at our upcoming conference to uncover the dynamic interplay between academic institutions and regional innovation hubs, with a focus on UC3M’s impactful contributions. Explore how Madrid’s innovation landscape is shaped by collaboration, research, and entrepreneurial spirit, as we highlight UC3M’s initiatives in nurturing talent and fostering groundbreaking ideas.

This event is supported by UIIN’s involvement in the UASHome project, boosting innovation in digital health entrepreneurship

What you will learn

Gain valuable insights into Madrid’s innovation ecosystem, lessons you can take back to your own stakeholders, and UC3M’s pivotal role in accelerating entrepreneurship in the region. Understand the symbiotic relationship between academia and industry and discover actionable strategies for fostering innovation within your own organization. Broaden your understanding of regional innovation dynamics and unlock pathways to success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Speaker biography

Maria josé herrero villa
Maria José Herrero Villa

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

About fireside chats

A UIIN Fireside Chat is a 30-minute long, interview session between a UIIN facilitator and an external industry expert on a high-level topic. Participants will leave with insights and inspiration after hearing the experiences and perspectives of the guest speaker, and have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. Fireside Chats are also recorded for UIIN podcasts and are available after the session.