Creating Startup Success at Universities




4-25 Sept 2024



Creating Startup Success at Universities is designed to instil entrepreneurial thinking within academic spheres. This comprehensive course goes beyond traditional courses, offering a framework for developing and supporting entrepreneurial minds within university settings.

Guided by global experts, you’ll engage in interactive workshops and masterclasses, gaining insights into creating connected educational programs and incubators for student and academic startups. The course also includes a virtual visit to an entrepreneurship hub to adapt key principles.

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Creating Startup Success at Universities


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Who should attend

University leaders including vice presidents and deans
wanting to advance academic and student entrepreneurship at their university and to create more connections and impact in their region.

Senior staff of entrepreneurship units and incubators
who are responsible for increasing the number and quality of startups coming out of the university.

Knowledge transfer professionals
responsible for developing student and academic entrepreneurship activities, specifically through the development of strategies and support structures for entrepreneurship.

Learning outcomes

By sharing tools, frameworks and case studies from global experts and through facilitated group activities and dynamic discussions, you will develop skills to support and accelerate student entrepreneurship.

This course will help you to

  1. Design and implement a vision and roadmap for a university incubator or entrepreneurship centre
  2. Develop entrepreneurial teams at your university in collaboration with external partners and networks
  3. Identify and activate resources and funding to support entrepreneurial activities
  4. Evolve your approach from facilitating entrepreneurship to accelerating entrepreneurship
  5. Test different entrepreneurial approaches and processes for startup success at your university
  6. Better articulate the value and impact of entrepreneurial activities at your university
  7. Expand your personal and professional network

Course elements

Find out which individual components form the course.

Week 1 | 4 Sep

Introduction to the course

Onboarding   |   11:30 - 12:00 UTC

Setting up for student entrepreneurship success | Workshop

Ignite student entrepreneurship by defining a clear vision, comprehending entrepreneurship education frameworks, applying practical tools, discerning between centralized and decentralized approaches, and understanding the importance of creating dedicated spaces for entrepreneurship.   |   12:15 - 14:15 UTC
Week 2 | 11 Sep

Supporting student startups and beyond | Masterclass

Gain expertise in fostering entrepreneurial teams by creating supportive environments, understanding the entrepreneurial process, applying essential tools, and mastering the implementation of effective funding approaches, along with knowing when and how to engage mentors and trainers.   |   11:30 - 13:30 UTC

Virtual visit of an entrepreneurship hub | Fireside chat

Develop a comprehensive understanding of how hubs can practically support entrepreneurial activity and grasp the developmental steps and attributes that contribute to their success.   |   13:45 - 14:45 UTC
Week 3 | 18 Sep

The principles for a successful university incubator or entrepreneurship centre | Workshop

Acquire skills in assessing needs, creating a vision, securing resources, attracting investors, understanding program development, planning personnel and infrastructure, and identifying structures for various entrepreneurship pathways at universities.   |   11:30 - 13:30 UTC
Week 4 | 25 Sep

Developing a university incubator, unit or program | Knowledge-to-practice session

Create a manifesto and design for an entrepreneurship program, centre or incubator. Undertake a needs assessment and develop a roadmap and plan together with peers.   |   11:30 - 13:00 UTC

Course knowledge capture

Wrap-up   |   13:10 - 13:40 UTC


Meet your facilitators and experts for this personal development course.

Arno Meerman
Arno Meerman

CEO and Founder, UIIN

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva

Manager Strategic Initiatives, UIIN

Dr. Sarah Jaber headshot
Dr. Sarah Jaber

Director, UIIN

A/Prof. Todd Davey headshot
A/Prof. Todd Davey

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Associate Partner, UIIN

Dr. Andrey Dyachenko
Dr. Andrey Dyachenko

Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator, UIIN


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