Cross-sectoral collaboration for the Regenerative Transition

30 April, 1:00pm - 2:00pm UTC | Seminar
Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities Entrepreneurship at Universities Impact through Engagement

Take a deep dive into the pivotal role of universities in driving the transition to a regenerative economy. Join us as we explore the possibilities of regenerative entrepreneurship education, disrupting the prevailing narratives of profit and extraction in favour of shared responsibility and reciprocity in business. Discover how interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral partnerships can spark innovation for regenerative and nature-based solutions to wicked challenges. Engage with guest speakers presenting initiatives in these areas, gaining insights into transformative approaches and collective efforts for lasting impacts on people and the planet.

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Cross-sectoral collaboration for the Regenerative Transition


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Our guest speakers, academic innovators and sustainability advocates, will delve into their pioneering initiatives reshaping university curricular to cultivate regenerative and entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets in students and researchers alike. Explore the dynamics of interdisciplinary and intersectoral partnerships, as our speakers share insights into successful collaborations driving the transition to a regenerative economy. Discover the strategies, challenges, and impacts of these groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of education and business.

Learning outcomes

Participants will gain insight into pioneering initiatives reshaping university education and research for the regenerative economy through regenerative entrepreneurship education and interdisciplinary collaborations. Learn about the intricacies involved in establishing and managing these initiatives, along with the challenges, success factors and inspiring stories to empower you to initiate or participate in similar projects.

Speaker biography

Tasha Day headshot
Tasha Day

Project Officer at UIIN