How To: Build Sustainability Approaches at Universities

06 December, 2:00pm - 2:45pm UTC | How-To
Sustainability at Universities

This session will discuss how to best develop an institution-wide approach to mainstream sustainability in universities. An institution-wide approach to integrating sustainability is essential because it allows universities to address sustainability challenges comprehensively, make a lasting commitment, and maximise their positive impact on society, the environment, the economy, and the future of work. To engage with this approach, practical interventions and sequencing strategies will be discussed.

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How To: Build Sustainability Approaches at Universities


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We’ll start by discussing why a deep engagement of universities with the sustainability agenda is critical to enable societal transformation towards socially inclusive and environmentally sound development. We’ll then reflect on how to best strategically integrate sustainability in the university DNA along its key pillars: leadership/governance, education & research, campus facilities, and entrepreneurship. The focus will be on strategic interventions, actions, and tools to achieve sustainability impact.

What you will learn

  • How to strategically think about integrating sustainability in the modus operandi of higher education institutions;
  • What interventions could be envisioned at different levels;
  • How to leverage universities’ core mission to improve sustainability impact at regional and international level.

Speaker biography

Georgeta auktorGeorgeta Auktor, Senior Project Manager at TUM International GmbH

Dr. Georgeta Auktor is Senior Project Manager at TUM International, with a focus on accelerating innovation systems and embedding sustainability into transformative processes for education systems and industrial development. Her passion lies in understanding drivers of change, building communities of practice, and aligning visions with practical with implementable actions for governments, businesses, education and research institutions. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has acted at the intersection of research, policy, and academia, advancing knowledge on complex societal transformation processes and advising policymakers on strategic interventions to foster innovation, increase the effectiveness of industrial policy, and enable the transition towards a green and inclusive economy. She is also a Research Fellow at German Institute for Development and Sustainability and a professionally certified Environmental Manager and Auditor.

About How-To Sessions

A UIIN How To session is a 45 minute, interactive session facilitated by a UIIN expert, where participants have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and network during the session. Content is specific, hands-on and actionable. How To Masterclasses are not recorded and are only available live.