How to: Become a More Impactful Researcher

20 June, 2:00pm - 2:45pm UTC | How-To
Research Valorisation & Technology Transfer

Researchers are under increasing pressure to show the importance of their work beyond university publications and to transform their endeavours into powerful drivers for real-world impact. In this context, academics are often left struggling with effectively prioritising societal impact in their work.

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How to: Become a More Impactful Researcher


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This How To session is designed for ambitious professionals and students across all disciplines, from early-career researchers to seasoned experts. We will share tips and practical insights on how to increase the impact of your work and embed it at all stages of your research initiatives. You will set a solid foundation for becoming an impactful researcher by diving into concepts and frameworks around impact and impactful research and its beneficiaries.

What you will learn

You will get insights into how to:

  • increase scientific and societal impact of your research
  • predict and plan for impact early on in your research process
  • engage beneficiaries early on in the research process

Speaker biography

Balzhan Orazbayeva

Manager Strategic Initiatives at UIIN

About How-To Sessions

A UIIN How To session is a 45 minute, interactive session facilitated by a UIIN expert, where participants have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and network during the session. Content is specific, hands-on and actionable. How To Masterclasses are not recorded and are only available live.