Initiating and Developing a Partnership

29 Feb - 14 Mar 14 hours Course Online

Use systematic approaches to recognise, initiate and pursue partnership opportunities. Define the qualities you want in external partners, identify collaboration activities, and develop a personalised approach that aligns with your institution’s objectives.

This course can also be taken as part of the Building Successful Partnerships Certification program, tailored to equip ambitious university and industry professionals with a robust skill set for navigating the intricacies of strategic partnerships.

Delivered through workshops, seminars and fireside chats, participants have the option to register for this module individually or in conjunction with courses from this training program.

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Initiating and Developing a Partnership


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Who should attend

University and industry professionals (all career stages)
This course is suitable for individuals new to partnerships or actively engaged in external collaborations and partnerships. Open to university and industry professionals from diverse departments, faculties and institutional levels, including industry engagement, strategic relations, alliances, business development and more.

Learning outcomes

By sharing tools, frameworks and case studies from global experts and through facilitated group activities and dynamic discussions, you will develop skills to create a more entrepreneurial university.

This course will help you to

  1. Acquire the essential skills to identify, initiate and pursue partnership opportunities using systematic approaches.
  2. Design your own partnership approach aligned with your institution’s goals.
  3. Know what to seek in an external partner to inform your decision-making.

Course elements

Find out which components and topics are part of the course.

Week 1 | 29 Feb

Introduction to the course


Identifying and evaluating partners | Workshop

Identify the key competencies and sectors in your region or ecosystem and apply a systematic approach to (i) identify potential opportunities and partners along with their key characteristics and (ii) evaluate and prioritise the opportunities to pursue.
Week 2 | 7 Mar

Crafting your partnership approach | Workshop

Understand the importance of aligning goals to identify collaboration activities and address challenges, benefits and success factors of partnerships. Work on effectively communicating your value proposition and developing an action plan for pursuing a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity.

How proximity and colocation drive innovation | Fireside Chat with Federico Matteini

Learn how goals drive collaboration formats. Hear how a university and company chose co-location to enable both partners to drive innovation and achieve mutually beneficial goals.
Week 3 | 14 Mar

Evaluating different types of external partners | Knowledge to practice

Learn from guest speakers about approaches to identifying and evaluating various partners.

Course knowledge capture


Facilitators and experts

Meet your facilitators and experts for this personal development course.

Arno Meerman
Arno Meerman


Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva

Manager Strategic Initiatives, UIIN

Dr. Sarah Jaber headshot
Dr. Sarah Jaber

Director, UIIN

A/Prof. Todd Davey headshot
A/Prof. Todd Davey

Associate Partner, UIIN

Dr. Andrey Dyachenko
Dr. Andrey Dyachenko

Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator, UIIN

Dr. Cameron McCoy

Provost, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Federico Matteini
Federico Matteini

Head of Strategic Foresight at Vega at EPFL


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  • Duration: three weeks
  • Workload: three to five hours per week
  • Collaborative workshops: attendance required
  • Fireside chats: attendance required
  • Seminars: attendance required
  • Knowledge-to-practice sessions: attendance required
  • Reflections and peer reviews at your own pace

Course assignment

  • Workload: four to six hours
  • Assignment
  • Reflection exercise
  • Live session with peers and facilitators
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