Measuring What Matters for Entrepreneurship Educators

13 August, 1:00pm - 1:30pm UTC | Fireside Chat
Entrepreneurship at Universities Innovative and Entrepreneurial Universities

Join us for a fireside chat on a new impact evaluation framework for entrepreneurship educators, with Emily Davies, Head of Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter. Discover innovative approaches to evaluating the impact of entrepreneurial education and gain insights into creating effective frameworks that foster student and graduate startup success.

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Measuring What Matters for Entrepreneurship Educators


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Emily Davies, the Head of Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter, will share her expertise in designing impactful evaluation frameworks for entrepreneurship education. With her extensive experience in fostering an entrepreneurial culture and supporting student startups, Emily will provide valuable strategies and tools for measuring and enhancing the effectiveness of entrepreneurial programs. This session is a must-attend for educators and administrators aiming to optimize their entrepreneurship initiatives.

What you will learn

  • Develop and implement an impact evaluation framework for entrepreneurship education
  • Understand key metrics for success
  • Gain practical tips for fostering an entrepreneurial culture within your institution

Speaker biography

Emily daviesEmily Davies, Head of Student Entrepreneurship

Emily is the Head of Student Entrepreneurship, and leads the Student Startup team at the University of Exeter. Emily works closely with academic and professional services colleagues across colleges to foster an entrepreneurial culture across all campus, broadening access to entrepreneurial education and skills development and nurturing and developing student and graduate startup business’

Emily previously worked as Global Employability Consultant with the central Employment Services team where she promoted and supported current students and graduates to secure valuable international work experience and graduate jobs. Prior to moving to Devon, Emily spent five years in London managing experiential education programmes for American undergraduate students for CAPA The Global Education Network. Emily also worked in Marketing for a regional Arts Centre and a music festival, focusing particularly on audience development and community engagement. Emily is passionate about creating connections between people and in supporting individuals and organisations to realise their full potential.

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