Impactful Researchers

2nd half of 2024 Full program Online 20 - 50 hours

This dynamic two-month training program brings together ambitious academics, from all parts of the world, across all disciplines and at every career stage, who are looking to use their research to create impact.

Hosted by global academic engagement experts and providing best practice, you will be taken through a series interactive workshops, seminars and discussions to better enable you to engage externally and valorise your research. The course will allow you to:

  • Create more impactful research
  • Develop your impact mindset
  • Learn about best practice in external engagement and valorisation
  • Build your personal brand and better communicate your research
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Who should participate?

Researchers (all career stages)
This program is for academics and researchers wanting to engage with industry stakeholders to boost the scientific and societal impact of their work through research valorisation.

What is involved?

  • Access international tools, frameworks and models to apply in your work.
  • Discover global best practice case studies in impactful research.
  • Be guided by specialist facilitators with years of experience from research and practice.
  • Participate in facilitated workshops, hands-on seminars and engaging fireside chats with inspirational speakers.
  • Learn with educational materials, curated reading resources, individual and group assignments, and an individual learning space.
  • Obtain your unique UIIN certification validating your skills.

Why join the program?

  • Learn how to plan for scientific and societal impact and outline your own pathway to impact.
  • Get advice on how to engage external stakeholders and beneficiaries early on in the research process.
  • Develop an impact mindset and your own brand as an impactful researcher.
  • Be inspired by the research and impact communication practices that can be directly applied to your work.

Module 1: Impactful research

Understand why impact matters and how research conducted in academia can lead to both scientific and societal impact. Explore the process of planning for impact, learn about different impact frameworks, and discuss how embracing a different mindset and engaging with external stakeholders can drive the impact of your work.

  • Workshop: Increasing impact of your research
  • Seminar: How to plan for impactful research
  • Fireside Chat: SDGs and impactful research towards the 2030 agenda

Module 2: Impactful mindset

Explore how impact mindset, entrepreneurial thinking and acting, and spanning boundaries’ skills are relevant and necessary for your growth as impactful researcher. Learn about the Pathways to Impact framework and how it can be applied to an academic research context, on both individual and institutional levels.

  • Workshop: Impact mindset
  • Seminar: How to apply a pathway to impact principles

Module 3: External engagement and valorisation

Learn how external engagement and university-business cooperation (UBC) can drive research impact, how cooperation with external stakeholders works and which factors contribute to its success. Explore both the theory and practice of different forms of knowledge transfer and valorisation pathways, looking beyond traditional IP licensing and patenting approaches.

  • Workshop: Setting up for external engagement success
  • Workshop: Valorisation pathways
  • Fireside Chat: Insights from an impactful academic

Module 4: Personal brand building and Communication

A practical guide on how to create impact through building better and more engaging research stories, how to communicate research results and its impact to different stakeholders. Practice creating your research brand and pitching your research initiatives to different stakeholders, providing a foundation to better establish you as impactful researcher.

  • Workshop: Communicating your research and its impact
  • Workshop: Creating a personal brand
  • Seminar: How to pitch your initiative

Optional: Personal Application Project (PAP) and Mentoring

Accelerate your learning and put it directly into practice with this optional addition to the training program. Let us guide you through the process of defining and developing your own PAP, ready for immediate real-world application.

  • 4x Facilitated workshops with UIIN experts
  • 3x 1:1 sessions with a research impact specialist mentor


Arno Meerman
Arno Meerman

A/Prof. Todd Davey headshot
A/Prof. Todd Davey

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva

Dr. Sarah Jaber headshot
Dr. Sarah Jaber

Dr. Andrey Dyachenko
Dr. Andrey Dyachenko

Dr. Victoria Galan Muros headshot
Dr. Victoria Galan Muros

Guest Facilitator

Mikko Korpela headshot
Mikko Korpela

Guest Facilitator

Prof. Carolin Plewa headshot
Prof. Carolin Plewa

Guest Facilitator

Posed photo of Balzhan Orazbayeva
Avatar of Balzhan Orazbayeva

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