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The training program includes a variety of different learning and delivery formats. (a) Interactive 2-hour workshops including a mix of theory, case studies and interactive exercises and discussions will be the main learning instrument and requires live participation. (b) Furthermore, a number of 45-minute hands-on seminars which will be provided live but will be recorded and available through a learning platform as part of the program.

Workshops and seminars currently open for registration

The primary objective of this module is to shed light on the mechanisms by which universities and businesses deepen their relationships in order to reach the level of strategic partnership where they attempt to align their long-term direction and priorities.

Based on the UIIN partnership framework, participants will be provided with practical tips related to the different elements of managing and supporting partnerships and will have the opportunity to reflect and exchange insights with their peers.

This module will: 

  • Present different partnership models at universities and industry, moving from transactional to more strategic partnerships
  • Share different tools and approaches used by universities and businesses to manage their engagement activities
  • Present practical case studies of how successful partnership models are implemented
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to reflect on their current approach and what they would like to do differently
  • A variety of real-world case studies that exemplify different elements of partnerships

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This workshop will provide insights into why and how to measure the outputs, outcomes and impact of external engagement using the performance management framework and other project management tools.

IParticipants will learn about the components of the logic model and different types of qualitative and quantitative indicators for assessing engagement activities.  We will outline and discuss different kinds of support mechanisms that both the university and the external stakeholders can employ to support engagement in their organisations.

This module will include various elements:

  • Insights into why and how to capture engagement using the logic model
  • Overview of methods of data collection and metrics to capture and measure external engagement activities
  • Case studies of diverse capturing and measurement approaches and university practices

A classification framework for engagement outputs, outcomes and impact based upon the logic model, a tool for indicators mapping as well as examples of support mechanisms will be provided.

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