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Universities globally are in a race to stay relevant. They are increasingly being called on to act as a talent engine for employment and lead cutting-edge research, whilst acting as a cornerstone for regional growth and a launch pad for entrepreneurial ventures. While both universities and businesses recognise the importance of collaboration to drive innovation, they often require support to turn their ideas and goals into action.

Drawing on our 10+ years’ experience in this field, UIIN works with institutions to address their key external engagement challenges. Using proven frameworks, tools and global insights, we provide evidence-based solutions and recommendations to drive change.

How can we help?

We provide research-based insights and solutions to prepare you and your organisation for changes in the higher education sector. We offer tailored support and advisory services, as well as cohort-based Institutional Accelerator programs, aimed at driving change within your institution. Explore each in more detail!



Proven Tools & Frameworks

Through years of working in the field of university-industry engagement, UIIN has developed validated methodologies and proven tools and frameworks that lead to change.


Global Perspectives

As one of the largest networks of individuals and organisations working across university-industry collaboration, UIIN brings you access to best practice examples and insights from all over the world to apply to your local context. Think global but act local!

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Specialist Provider

UIIN is one of the only consultancies dedicated to support universities and scientific institutions to be impact focussed through university-industry cooperation, entrepreneurial and engaged university approaches

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Collaborative Mindset

We don’t tell you what to do – our role is to guide, facilitate, inspire, challenge
and co-create so that you have ownership of the outcomes and driving them forward.

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Dr. Sarah Jaber
Manager Business Development

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