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Conducting research at the forefront of sector developments

We are a proud team of curious and passionate researchers. Our approach is simple yet powerful: everything we do is firmly grounded in evidence-based practices and designed for real-world application.

We actively listen to the needs of stakeholders from all sides and respond in real time with our large-scale national and international research projects.

Our research results fuel the services we offer to our community, including the curated learning resources available on our insights platform.

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Our research areas

Innovative and entrepreneurial universities

Innovative and entrepreneurial universities prioritise creativity, adaptability and forward-thinking in education, research and community involvement. By integrating technology, prioritising entrepreneurship, and embracing a global perspective, they lead in innovation and prepare students for a changing world.

External collaborations and partnerships

Long-term collaborations and strategic partnerships offer more value to universities, businesses, and policy-makers than transactional relationships. They go beyond traditional boundaries, fostering closer knowledge exchange, stronger research synergy, and mutually beneficial initiatives.

Research valorisation and technology transfer

Universities generate valuable knowledge, but it often doesn’t reach beyond academia for wider use. By considering non-academic needs and translating research outcomes, universities can help tackle local, regional and global challenges effectively.

Sustainability at universities

Modern universities emphasise environmental responsibility, inclusivity and global ethical practices. They collaborate across disciplines and promote research aligned with Sustainable Development Goals, inspiring a sustainable culture for a fairer future.

Entrepreneurship at universities

Universities foster entrepreneurship by empowering students, faculty and researchers to innovate, start businesses, and contribute to societal and economic advancement. They act as entrepreneurial hubs, offering education, support, and networks to nurture groundbreaking ideas.

Future of education and lifelong learning

The future-focused education vision includes technology integration, flexible learning and inclusive teaching, preparing all to thrive in uncertainty. Lifelong learning becomes vital, promoting adaptability, innovation and tackling future challenges.

Innovation ecosystems

Innovation ecosystems are collaborative networks blending academia, industry and public entities, creating hubs for innovation. Understanding these relationships can help boost economic growth, promote entrepreneurship, and address diverse challenges on a global scale.

Impact through engagement

Pooling diverse expertise, resources and perspectives creates greater and lasting impacts on society, economy and the environment. Evaluating these collaborative efforts is crucial to understand their value and make informed decisions for future initiatives.

Other projects

SME Cluster Growth project logo

Supporting SMEs in the engineering sector to grow and compete by focusing on cross-border engineering business clusters development and upskilling.

UASHome logo

Boosting the capacity of universities of applied science to be regional “home-bases” for innovation in digital health.

Urban Goodcamp project logo

Empowering universities to lead joint actions and inspire urban communities of practice to co-create solutions to urban challenges in Europe.

NatAlli logo

Creating a mentorship program to support well-educated Ukrainian women to become successful entrepreneurs, or innovators within existing companies for economic and social regeneration.

EINS project logo

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network for Smart and Sustainable European Regions (E.I.N.S.) co-creating new ways of working together and developing entrepreneurial universities.

Cultural Heritage 2.0 project logo

A project that not only envisions the future of cultural heritage sectors but also equips the professionals with the competencies to realise the desirable future scenarios.

YETI project logo

Young Entrepreneurial Teachers Initiative (YETI) promoting and institutionalising entrepreneurship education practices among aspiring teachers.

Educators for Impact project logo

Supporting university educators across disciplines to enhance the impact of their teaching practices through entrepreneurial teaching and innovative pedagogies.

Explore our initiatives, informed by research

Institutional Programs

We provide institutions with evidence-based recommendations to support them to become more entrepreneurial, engaged and innovative.


We design and deliver online and in-person training programs for leaders, academics and professional staff to enhance the skills needed for collaboration and impact.


We drive change in universities, businesses, alliances, government and intermediary agencies, by understanding and addressing the key challenges holding them back with tailored solutions.