Speaker Consent Form

Thank you for agreeing to speaking at one of our upcoming events. Please fill out the consent form below. If you have any questions on concerns, please let us know: [email protected]

Ownership of Materials
1. Any materials, including presentations, slides, or other content provided by the Guest Speaker during the Event remain the property of the Guest Speaker, and UIIN agrees not to claim any rights to these materials.
2. The Guest Speaker agrees to provide UIIN with all presentation slides, documents, or other materials used during their presentation, promptly following the session. UIIN may make the materials available to the participants in the Program. UIIN agrees to provide appropriate credit to the Guest Speaker for any materials used, in the form of acknowledgment or attribution, unless the Guest Speaker expressly waives this right in writing.
3. The Guest Speaker represents that they have the necessary rights and permissions to share and provide these materials and will not infringe upon any third-party intellectual property rights by doing so.

Session Recording
1. The Guest Speaker agrees that the Host reserves the right to record the session and contribution of the Guest Speaker under this Agreement. The recording may encompass video, audio, or any other form of capturing the chat.
2. The ownership of the recording is hereby established to be the sole property of the Host. The Guest Speaker acknowledges that they have no claim or ownership rights to these recordings and grants the Host exclusive rights to use, distribute, and modify them as deemed necessary for the purpose of this Agreement.

1. The Guest Speaker agrees to keep the conversations with the Host and any Confidential Information discussed or shared during the Event confidential.
2. Confidential Information means any information in any form whatsoever (including oral, written, and electronic information) of a technical, business, corporate, financial, or legal nature disclosed by the Host to the Guest Speaker during the Event.