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Innovation Districts | April 2018 Issue

Uiim 18 04 issue 1

Welcome to our first issue of 2018, featuring a fresh look and a renewed focus on innovation districts. This theme has garnered increasing interest at our conferences, workshops, and the UIIN Australia Chapter Forum.

Innovation districts, characterized by collaborations between educational institutions, businesses, and local communities, offer substantial growth potential. They bring together startups, talent, incubators, open innovation spaces, housing, and public amenities. While we showcase a few initiatives in this issue, many regions worldwide are experimenting with innovation districts to foster sustainable local economies.

Our cover story explores China’s vibrant innovation cities/districts, emphasizing authenticity and accessibility as alternatives to Silicon Valley’s insular culture.

Featured articles spotlight initiatives worldwide, such as Melbourne’s Carlton Connect Initiative, Colombia’s Ruta N, Canada’s University of Waterloo, and the US-based University City Science Center. In Europe, the Netherlands’ AMS Institute and Poland’s Gdansk University of Technology play pivotal roles.

Don’t miss our interview with Prof. Dr. Eric Viardot about his book, “Revolution of Innovation Management,” and peruse our selected reports and upcoming events.

We extend our gratitude to our authors, hoping this issue inspires your efforts to build sustainable, inclusive local economies.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Innovation Districts (April 2018 Issue)
Year: 2018
Pages: 25
Language: English

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