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Embedding Entrepreneurship into Education | Special Issue 2018

Uiim 18 07 embedding entrepreneurship into education

In this special issue, we have taken up the challenge to focus on the concept of Entrepreneurship in Education. Why challenge? Over the past few decades, the field has found itself a flourishing ground, and has achieved academic legitimacy and maturity expanding its practice across borders, and among learners of all ages and backgrounds. The concept has caused much enthusiasm in the higher education sector as well, being fully embraced as one of the major drivers of economic, social and individual growth. As we eagerly observe the breathtaking speed of developments in our member and non-member universities and in the broader higher education landscape, we realise that the interpretation of what entrepreneurship in education is and how it is facilitated varies greatly across institutions. What’s more, the definitions shift, making it hard to compare and contrast the practices in different regions, and interpret implications.

In the context of Europe, the European Commission has been working towards creating a common understanding of the concepts and competences, as well as establishing solid quality standards. The EntreComp Framework launched by the Commission in 2016 is developed in reference to the guidelines of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) that drew from the input of over 70 UK universities. The framework has attracted considerable attention of the education providers, as well as the Erasmus+ projects on their development of approaches and tools in integrating entrepreneurship in the European universities. Thus we are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight the work of some of the most prominent European initiatives in this issue, including EEE, WEXHE, EntreAssess, ETEE, and Tomorrow’s Land, some of which already generated outcomes within the suggested framework. Further, we are happy to bring into your attention the institutional journeys of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Munich Business School, as well as two Australian universities LaTrobe University and The University of Adelaide, in integrating an entrepreneurial culture and curriculum within their institutions.

While our selection of articles reflect today’s diversity in the approaches taken and give credits to the eff orts made, this special issue is prepared as a tribute to the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project Embedding Entrepreneurship Education (EEE). During the past two years, the project consortium has developed a variety of tools and instruments that can be used to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action, establish regional stakeholder networks, and foster setting up state-of-the-art entrepreneurship education curriculum at the university level. We hope that with all featured initiatives, including the outcomes of the EEE project, we enable the replication of these good practices in other regions in Europe.

We welcome you again to this special issue and wish you a delightful reading!


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Embedding Entrepreneurship into Education (Special Issue 2018)
Year: 2018
Pages: 27
Language: English

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