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Australia’s Innovation Pathways | January 2019 Issue

Uiim 19 01 australia's innovation pathways

In this special edition, we focus on the dynamic Australian innovation landscape. As we coincide with the second University-Industry Engagement Conference for Asia-Pacific in Sydney, we invite you to explore the innovative spirit Down Under.

Australia’s (R)evolution in Higher Education

Australia, known for academic excellence, is transforming its strengths in STEM disciplines into dynamic industries. The National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) in 2015 urged universities to embrace collaboration. Australian institutions have risen to the challenge, emphasizing external engagement, innovation leadership, and entrepreneurship.

The Australian Chapter: Catalyst for Progress

The UIIN Australia Chapter, established after the inaugural UIIN Asia-Pacific conference in 2017, drives collaboration between universities, businesses, and government. It has hosted forums, published impactful reports, and fostered a growing community.

Australian Innovation Unveiled

This edition offers insights into university-business collaboration, entrepreneurship, higher education cooperation, and innovation districts. Explore how Australia is shaping its innovation ecosystem and its regional impact.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Australian innovation. Enjoy your time exploring the Australian spirit of innovation.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Australia’s Innovation Pathways (Special Issue 2019)
Year: 2019
Pages: 27
Language: English

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