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Strategic Partnerships with Industry | March 2021 Issue

Uiim 21 03 strategic partnerships with industry

The previous year brought around unprecedented challenges for the global economy, and higher education especially. For universities this has included dealing with campus and facility closures, loss of international students, transitioning to an online environment and a rapid evaluation of strategic priorities, to name a few. 

Despite these challenges, this is also a unique opportunity to observe, reflect and learn from these unprecedented times to design and develop effective solutions for the future. For example, the recent challenges have highlighted the importance of universities, businesses, government and society to work together to address pressing issues and drive innovation.  For universities particularly, there remains an untapped potential to create impact, and in collaboration with their stakeholders, provide solutions and offer invaluable insights. In light of this, now is a good time for universities and industry to re-evaluate their relationships and partnership approaches to derive the most value from strategic partnerships with each other.

In this issue of the University Industry Innovation Magazine, we take a closer look at strategic university-industry partnerships, featuring contributions from our guest authors across the UK, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Our authors share their insights into the challenges and success factors of strategic partnerships through real-life examples from their own institutions and experiences. The articles clearly highlight there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to partnerships, nor is there a universal process for initiating, tracking, and managing partnerships – however, there are commonalities at the heart of most partnerships which are the importance of true collaborative work, the crucial role of intermediaries and support structures on both sides and aligning goals and expectations to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. 

We invite you to explore these in-depth and personal reflections on strategic partnerships, that draw on lived experiences, while also taking a forward-looking perspective on the future of university-industry collaboration. As the world continues to react to ever-changing circumstances, universities and companies that have built strong working relationships and partnerships will be better prepared to deal with whatever comes next.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Strategic Partnerships with Industry (March 2021 Issue)
Year: 2020
Pages: 23
Language: English

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