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Case study collection: Fostering talent through education partnerships

Elena Galán-Muros

This collection of case studies offers a glimpse into transformative universities-industry partnerships that are bridging theory and practice to future-proof the careers of students. From TU Dublin’s Enterprise Academy to Jönköping University’s partnership with Husqvarna, ASELSAN Academy to KVIST project, these stories illustrate the power of collaboration in driving innovation and shaping the future.

TU Dublin Enterprise Academy: A lifecycle model for university-industry engagement

Discover how TU Dublin’s Enterprise Academy is transforming the landscape of university-enterprise engagement through innovative strategies and tailored solutions. In this case study, delve into TU Dublin’s proactive approach to talent development and the Enterprise Academy’s pivotal role in bridging the gap between theory and practice, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in key sectors.

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Empowering student success through strategic partnerships: Jönköping University and Husqvarna

The partnership between Jönköping University’s School of Engineering (JTH) and Husqvarna has not only enhanced the educational experience for the students but also provided the industry with fresh perspectives. This groundbreaking initiative, exemplified by the renowned ‘Husqvarna course,’ provides students with unparalleled opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges in product development. Discover how this strategic alliance fosters innovation, empowers student success, and shapes the future of engineering education.

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ASELSAN Academy: A catalyst for innovation and growth in Turkey

ASELSAN Academy is a pioneering graduate education program fostering collaboration between industry giant ASELSAN and four leading universities in Turkey. Since its inception, ASELSAN Academy has cultivated a unique synergy between academic research and practical application, propelling students to align their theses with real-world projects within the company. With a focus on innovation and practicality, the program offers a single pool of courses contributed by renowned universities and industry experts.

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Nurturing talent and driving industry transformation in the wood sector: KVIST project

Learn about the journey of the KVIST initiative, a pioneering collaboration between Träcentrum, Linnaeus University, and Jönköping University aimed at revolutionising the forestry and wood industry in Sweden. This groundbreaking project embodies a strategic alliance between academia and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), fostering knowledge exchange, innovation, and competitiveness. These collaborations not only equip businesses with fresh insights but also provide invaluable, hands-on learning experiences for over 450 students.

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Elena Galán-Muros (editor) is the Audiovisual Producer at UIIN.

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