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How to become an impactful educator?

Tasha Day
Impactful educators

Our article ‘Flipping the script: From Entrepreneurship Educators to Impactful Educators’ explored the term Impactful Educators, as an alternative to Entrepreneurship Educators.

An “impactful educator” can be defined as an educator who actively integrates entrepreneurial education principles across various disciplines, using innovative pedagogies and collaborative approaches to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in their students. This educator focuses on equipping students with the skills and mindsets necessary to address societal challenges, create value, navigate the job market of the 21st Century and drive positive change. 

So, now we know what an impactful educator is – but what now? How does one become an impactful educator?  

Resources for Impactful Educators 

To support educators on this journey, we have compiled a list of resources and opportunities, from our own repository, and from Erasmus+ project Educators for Impact. 

Educators for Impact Training Investigation Report  

The Educators for Impact Training Investigation Report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs and benefits of developing educators’ entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, as a vehicle to embed innovative educational pedagogies transversally and across academic disciplines.  
In particular, this report is dedicated to understanding of entrepreneurship skills and competences that support entrepreneurial educator profiles; selecting content, design, and methodologies for impactful education; describing effective entrepreneurial and innovative pedagogies; and exploring their transferability and usefulness for replication in different education contexts. 

Educators for Impact Resource Platform  

The Educators for Impact Training Program Toolkit and Resource Platform includes a complete training program with engaging workshops that can be followed at your own pace aiming to help educators to develop their own and their students innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets and empower their students to make a real difference in the world after graduation. 

Topics you will learn about: 

🧠 Developing Your Students’ and Your own Innovative Mindset 
🎓 Entrepreneurial Education for More Impactful Teaching Across Disciplines 
🛠 Educational Tools & Approaches for Impactful Education 
🤝 Leveraging External Relationships for Impactful Education 
🏢 Spreading Your Impact Beyond the Classroom and Into Your Organisation 


Socially relevant education: Employing the Quadruple Helix Model 

This article explores how we can address current higher education challenges such as university-workplace skills gaps and uncertainty surrounding the future of work using the Quadruple Helix model of collaboration; building bridges between academia, business, government and society. 


Empowering innovators and discovering their potential at 3ID Labs (Case Study) 

Our podcast with Lieven Desomviele and Daria Kisina explores 3ID LABS, an impactful education initiative that takes place at Arteveldehogeschool in Belgium. Listen to discover how 3ID Labs is redefining education by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, active learning, and real-world problem-solving. Uncover the essence of the entrepreneurial mindset as we explore the journey of students navigating through diverse challenges, guided by the knowledge of external stakeholders. 

Democratising entrepreneurship education for all 

Our podcast with Yogavelli Nambiar explores the nuances in entrepreneurship education, the need for personalised approaches, the challenges women face in entrepreneurship and how to adopt entrepreneurial thinking to avoid shallow solutions, in order to democratise entrepreneurship education for all.  

A journey into radical innovation in higher education 

This podcast episode with Farshida Zafar, Director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, explores the challenges of navigating organisational politics for successful innovation, tips for educators to embrace change and foster critical thinking, and valuable advice for university leaders to support innovation without hindering creativity. 


Increasing the Impact of Your Research | Professional Development Course

Academic impact is not limited to the educational realm, researchers are also under increasing pressure to show the significance of their work beyond academic publications and to create real-world impact from their research. These two goals are not incompatible. However, it is often hard to prioritise impact in academic work when there are many other pressures on academics such as career progressions and publication numbers. Our upcoming professional development course ‘Increasing the impact of your research’ aims to help ambitious academics across all disciplines to broaden the impact of their work and embed impact at all stages of their research initiatives. 

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Tasha Day (author) is a Project officer at UIIN, where she undertakes research activities and creates content on a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship education, sustainability and research valorisation.

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