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Creating Impact through Research Valorisation | Special Issue 2023

Uiim 23 01 creating impact throught research valorisation

In a world grappling with complex global challenges spanning environmental, social, and economic realms, the role of science extends far beyond the boundaries of academia. Too often, research brimming with potential societal benefits remains confined within the ivory towers, its capacity to drive positive change left untapped.

This transformation of research into tangible impact and value is termed ‘valorisation.’ It’s a multifaceted process encompassing activities as diverse as policy advising and commercial service development. Yet, the path to valorisation can be vastly different for each academic. Regrettably, many scholars remain unaware of the various avenues available to valorise their research, surrounded by misconceptions that equate valorization solely with commercialization. This misunderstanding has particularly discouraged academics in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

Therefore, it’s imperative that awareness about valorisation permeates all corners of higher education institutions, fostering a culture steeped in entrepreneurial thinking. These institutions must proactively support their academics in the valorisation journey, providing essential mechanisms and structures such as robust Knowledge/Technology Transfer Offices.

In this issue, we delve into the facets of valorisation, exploring how this process can be bolstered and how academics can be enlightened about its potential to enhance and extend their work. It’s worth noting that this special issue draws inspiration from two impactful Erasmus+ projects: STEM_Valorise, focused on valorising technical disciplines like sciences and technology, and REVALORISE+, which centers on the social sciences and humanities. Together, these projects chart a path towards unlocking the full potential of research through effective valorisation.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Creating Impact through Research Valorisation (Special Issue 2023)
Year: 2023
Pages: 19
Language: English

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