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How can academics valorise their research?

Elena Galán-Muros

In our short video, we break down three simple actions to help academics in the valorisation process.

What is valorisation in research?

Our research shows that academics want to see their research or knowledge used to solve practical problems or to help society[1] – and that’s the process of valorisation. Valorisation is about creating societal impact through research activities – you can learn more with our valorisation infographic.

Actions for successful valorisation

  1. Be clear about how valorisation can help you. It can lead to more publications, greater impact and better student employability.
  2. Commit to taking the first step, even if it can seem daunting. Reach out to other academics, and the knowledge transfer or innovation office at your university. Forget the technical language when speaking to non-academics to ensure they understand your vision. And look into upskilling with a training program, like UIIN’s Impactful Academics Training Program.
  3. Build external relationships based on a shared vision, commitment and mutual trust.



[1] The State of European University-Business Cooperation – Final Report (2018)

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